Ponleu Leat, from Cambodia, Rose Mar L. Magalay, from the Philippines, and Vo Ma Dien, from Vietnam, graduated in 2016.
They told us all about their 1st  steps in the professional world.

 Ponleu, on her graduation day with John Munger, General Manager at PNCambodia
Ponleu LEAT

Ponleu LEAT

Graduated in 2016 from PN Cambodia (WEP - Web Programming)

“After I graduate from PN Cambodia, I got a job in the company in which I did my internship: Manulife Cambodia Plc, as a Senior IT Programmer. I work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week and my starting salary is 400 USD/month (note: minimum wage in Cambodia is difficult to evaluate but was about 140 USD/month in 2016). I am currently working on an exciting new project which was assigned to me by my line manager: Manulife’s shop Management System. Basically, I am building an IT system for the Finance department.

I think I am doing well at finding a work-life balance. I have enough time for my personal life and to develop my professional skills beside my job. For example, I became a volunteer for Technovation Cambodia, a global tech entrepreneurship competition program that aims to increase the number of girls in technology and entrepreneurship. I also decided to continue my IT studies after PNC. My major is in web Programming and Database at the University of Puthisastra (UP). This also keeps me busy!

My family is very proud of me because I have a qualified job and a good salary which allows me to support them and myself. They are admiring of what I have achieved and because I am willing to support sister to continue her studies too. We often talk together about all this and they always ask me about my work and my studies.“

Here is what the employer’s has to say about Ponleu:

Ponleu is a good member of the team. She is adaptable, enjoys team work and makes a great deal of effort to perform in her position. As a result, her knowledge has already improved. When she faces a new situation, she manages to improve her technical skills and understand well the business need. We appreciate the fact that she is always supportive of her team. More importantly, she enjoys learning and is happy to work! I’m delighted to have her in my team and look forward to seeing her further development.

Sophal Chea

System Manager, Manulife Cambodia Plc.



Graduated in 2016 from PN Philippines (SD - Software Development)

“I found a job straight after my internship and graduation! I am working as a Project Control Services New Associate at Accenture. My main tasks concern resource management and project management office (PMO). On a daily basis, I check my emails, update my recurring tasks in the morning and respond to the request of our client.

Now that I am working, life feels completely different! What I really like about my professional life is the new environment because it challenges me to do better. On the other hand, I don’t like the pressure I sometimes feel in my job, but it also helps me grow.
I believe I have found a good balance between my professional and personal life. During my free time, I like to go out with my friends… and take power naps after lunch!

My family knows everything about me and my job. We often talk about it, sometimes over the phone and when I go home for vacation. They are happy for me and grateful, especially to PN!”

Rose Mar with her parents on her graduation day in March 2016
Rose Mar's in her working environment at Accenture
Here is what the employer’s has to say about Rose Mar:

At first Rose Mar was a shytype of person, which was what we expected. But as time passed, she got comfortable with the team and loosened up a bit. In terms of her work ethic, she easily abides by the company’s core values and is able to deliver what was required of her. I was very impressed with Rose Mar’s ability to catch-up with what we are doing at work at an early during her internship. She was able to perform Tier 2 tasks and deal with people of higher level as an intern. The overall internship of Rose Mar was much appreciated by the team as she was able to contribute much.

Jo Mari Lampong

Project Control Services Team Lead, Accenture

Dien on his graduation day
Dien and friends during _I know my job' event in PNV
Here is what the employer’s has to say about Dien:

Dien has good abilities, he is capable of identifying and solving a problem and he is also a confident speaker. He fulfils the training and working objectives we have defined for him well.

DONG Van Sang

Web developer, AgilityIO

VO MA Dien

VO MA Dien

Graduated in 2016 from PN Vietnam (SD - Software Development)

“I found my ideal job at AgilityIO Vietnam as a Front end developer in September 2016, just after graduating! I am currently working with senior staff, using the SCRUM methodology. Every morning, we sit together for about 15 to 45 minutes to share our results, our difficulties, as well as our daily plan. I start with my assigned tasks and by the end of the day, I summarize and email the report of the daily achievements to each team members. The working environment at AgilityIO Vietnam is very professional and pleasant.
I work hard to get the best results possible and I always make sure I am available to support my colleagues. It’s not easy! To deliver a good performance, I need to combine many things such as daily work planning, communication with colleagues and problem solving. But, the more I learned, the better I am at what I do. I really enjoy my new working life!

I haven’t planned to continue my studies as my priority is my career path for now. I focus on improving my skills through self-learning and with the help of my company. However, I will probably soon go on an English course.
I always try to keep time for my hobbies such as reading, joining charity activities and going out with my family. These moments help me to socialize and renew my energy for another working day.
My family is very happy. They never thought that I could continue to study and have such a good job. I am very happy as well because now, I can take care of myself and support my relatives. I am currently paying for my sister’s studies at Danang University. My family is a great source of motivation for me to work hard and have a better life. I know they would like to express their deepest gratitude to Passerelles numériques Vietnam who played an important role in creating this wonderful life we have now!”