PN Philippines takes pride in its alumni whose career path has reached an international level. Here are stories of our alumni who have gone overseas for various professional endeavors.

As a key indicator of Passerelles numériques’ performance, the success of our alumni in PN Philippines has always been given great value. For the last eight years of PN Philippines’ existence, we have seen how our alumni have transformed from innocent young students to successful mature professionals in the Information Technology (IT) industry. These success stories vary from one alumnus/alumna to another. One of the most notable stories is on how our alumni have been able to travel abroad in pursuit of a greater career path. Being able to work abroad or to be sent abroad for work is undeniably one of the best indicators of our alumni’s excellence in their respective field; after all, one cannot just work abroad without international competitiveness, right?

Over these years, four of our alumni have had the opportunity to share their learning and expertise to the international community. Let’s hear each of their stories.

Melchi V. Cabasag, 21 years old
PN Philippines Alumna, Class 2015
Software Development Engineer at FPT Software Phils. Corp.
Overseas work experience: Java Developer, Vietnam, September 2015 – December 2016

“For the first 3 months, I was sent by FPT Software to Vietnam for training as a Software Engineer. After that, I was sent for a project assignment as a Java developer. It was a great yet challenging experience. It was great to meet new people who helped me grow as a professional and as a person. Though being away from my family for a long time was hard, I am still very grateful because through it, I was able to become independent and I achieved another challenge in my professional career. Aside from that, I can say that my communication skills have improved a lot since most of the locals don’t speak English. I would definitely do it again if there was another opportunity. Working outside really helps to see the world from another perspective. It can change your current mindset, but in a good way.

PN has been a huge factor In all of these things. All the training provided by PN when I was a student are now making sense. They helped me facing the challenges I was confronted with in my professional life. To younger PN scholars, I would advise you to keep chasing challenges and never give up on your dreams! Have the right mindset that PN has been building for you and don’t worry too much; good things will come in the right time so be patient.

I will be forever grateful to PN for all the things and experiences I’ve gained when I was still a student. No words can describe how thankful I am to PN and all the staff. May you have many more years to come and many more blessed scholars to train, and keep producing high-quality alumni!”

Michelle Tero, 24 years old
PN Philippines Alumna, Class 2012
Network Engineer, iCOMM International Inc.
Overseas work experience: Jr. Network Engineer, New Zealand, March to May 2015

“My work experience abroad went very well. I successfully completed the tasks I planned and the boss of Autoterminal NZ thanked me and appreciated the help I provided for the company.

Travelling abroad sounds exciting but terrifying because it was something that I was not used to. Although I went to Hong Kong with my mother in 2014 (it was a free trip given to me by iComm when I became the Employee of the year in 2013), I’m still not confident about flying for long hours by myself. During my Hong Kong trip, I got sick on the plane and I got lost during my stopover.  

I was too young when I went there. Part of my tasks was to speak to the boss of the company and meet with the Internet service providers and contractors; I was afraid that they might not trust me because I was still so young. Their British accent, fast speaking and slang were hard to understand at first. I did my best to explain to them what I needed. Fortunately, they were respectful and listened to what I said during the meetings. Whenever I had  to work overtime, the company would treat me with superb delicious meals.  

Aside from that, the company sent me to the countryside for a 3-day trip. I went to various nice places with my colleagues of different nationalities. It was a very good experience.

Having all those experiences has opened my mind to other cultures and gave me a positive outlook in life. It also helped me to overcome my fears, trust myself, and use my knowledge independently.

PN has helped me to build the foundation knowledge that I need for work. When I started working, I chose to expand that foundation through constant hard work and experience.   

Before Passerelles numériques, my life was all about doing household chores, working at a store, and running errands for other people; I needed to earn money for my school and living expenses. Those were the sacrifices I had to make for myself because I wanted to finish school. I thought I didn’t have any other options until PN came to my life. Thanks to PN, I am able to work in a company that recognizes my contribution. Now, I am earning enough money to send my sibling to college. I cannot say I’m living a perfect life but it’s a lot better than before.

From the bottom of my heart I would like to thank Passerelles numériques and the people behind it for all their efforts to make significant difference to young people’s lives like me.”

Reizl Son, 24 years old
PN Philippines Alumna, Class 2012
Analyst, Accenture
Overseas work experience: Problem Management Analyst, Australia, November 2015 – October 2016

“My employer, Accenture, sent me to Accenture Australia to fill in a position into the Problem Management Support department. It was really a great and challenging experience. The best part of it was working with different people with different cultures, backgrounds and work ethics which I could learn from. On the other hand, the difficult part of it was being away from my family: keeping in touch with them virtually wasn’t easy.

Aside from the work experience, I also enjoyed travelling to some beautiful places in the country and eating pizzas or burgers because there was no rice! The experience has definitely contributed to my career growth. And I owe this all to PN. It was PN who helped me to finish college.

I come from an unprivileged family and going to college was almost impossible, but I really wanted to, no matter what it took. I was even considering being a student-athlete just to study (though I know it requires a lot from me, balancing physical and academic training) thus I was glad I had the opportunity in PN. Doubt turned into faith when I graduated and found my first job, I know that my life has already changed and it is so much better than before. Financially, I am now able to provide for my family and I buy my own stuff with my own money too. Now I realize that I am capable of making my goals happen.

I would not have been able to work in a company like Accenture without having the education PN gave me. It was also the PN curriculum which helped me to learn all the necessary skills which I need in my professional life. It was a very good opportunity for me to prepare myself when I worked as a regular employee. Lastly, I realized the values that I developed while staying in PN with other scholars in one house are very essential. For me, these values are important factors in whatever are my achievements. Thus I am very thankful to PN for it.”

Catherine S. Aldiano, 25 years old
PN Philippines Alumna, Class  2012
Linux System Administrator, Puretech Communication Sdn Bhd., Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Overseas work experience: Linux System Administrator, Malaysia, December 6, 2014 – Present (permanent job)

“So far, the whole experience is wonderful. I currently have a permanent job in Puretech Communication Sdn Bhd. With this job, I got the chance to work with great people and adapt with their working style and environment, though at first it was hard to adjust because of language barrier, but I’m lucky enough that my team mates could speak English.

In my first job when I was still working in the Philippines before, the project was already well planned and implemented, my job was to learn the implementation, improve and maintain it. Here in my current job in Malaysia, we started the project from scratch. I have to do the planning and implementation by myself, somehow it’s a test of how much knowledge I had acquired from my seniors before.

I am happy that my earnings are quite good but on the other hand, I have to endure being away from my family and friends.

My family never had a stable income before. My father is a construction worker and my mother is a housewife; I am the eldest of four siblings. When I was in high school I was very determined to study hard so that I could secure a scholarship for college knowing that my parents could never afford to support my college education. PN was a blessing. They provided us with almost everything we need not just financially but also morally, emotionally and professionally. PN provided me the basic skills to get this far, not just the IT training but the right attitude and determination. After PN, I was able to help my family financially. And by having the opportunity to work abroad, I was able to send my three siblings to college, one of them graduated last year.

So to the people behind PN, thank you so much! I will always try my best to make you proud, that’s my way of showing how grateful I am. You’ve  made me a better person.”

These abroad-work stories are just few of the success stories of our 355 alumni. The PN Philippines family’s pride and happiness are immeasurable in the success of all our alumni. Moreover, our happiness and pride intensify on the fact that more than just savoring success on their own, these alumni are also sharing this success with their family whose lives apparently improved through the years.

As we said earlier, the success of our scholars is one of our key performance indicators. More than a performance indicator, this is what gives us a sense of fulfillment, the fire that keeps us going with our mission.

Kudos to all our alumni!