During the spring, some alumni & staff of PN Vietnam came to visit Cambodia. This was the occasion for them to visit the PN center in Cambodia, to meet their counterparts but also to discover Khmer culture. Here are their different perspectives on this trip.


Last spring, four alumni and two current staff of PN Vietnam decided to visit Cambodia during four days. The PNV Alumni Association came up with this project 2 years ago, in 2015. However, they didn’t have enough resources at that time. So they started to relaunch this trip in January 2017.

To plan this trip, the team met on February 15th, and with a tight schedule and budget, they had to make choices! You will find below the details of their trip:


Date Activities
Friday, 21th April 2017 – Arrival in Phnom Penh by bus
– PNC Center tour
– Visit of the dormitories and dinner with PNC’s students

Saturday, 22th April 2017

– Breakfast with PNC’s Alumnis
– Visit of Royal Palace
– Lunch with PNC’s Alumnis
– Travel to Siem Reap by bus

Sunday, 23th April 2017

– Visit of Siem Reap
– Travel back to Phnom Penh

Monday, 24th April 2017

– Travel back to Ho Chi Minh City

PNC Visit

Royal Palace visit

Angkor visit

Do Thi Oanh, Le Thi Thuy Trang, Do Thi Luyen et Huynh Van Nhan kindly share with us their impressions.

What was the purpose of this visit for you? At first, I wanted to join the fantastic PNV alumni because I did not have much chance to be with them before (as I am a new comer in PNV staff). Besides, I intended to visit Cambodia a long time ago. Among the three PN centers in Asia I have always dreamed of coming to PNC first! That is why I wanted to combine such three purposes!

What were the best moments? I loved every moment I spent in Cambodia because I had the opportunity to meet lovely people. Above all, I loved the time we all shared with PNC Alumni around Phnom Penh and the time we spent with PNC students at the dormitory. All of you made our visit stay bright.

What were your impressions of PNC’s center and students? What I liked by coming to PNC center, is that it is really big and isolated, it offers very suitable conditions for learning and developmental activities. PNC staff is so nice, friendly and they welcomed me warmly. PNC students are really confident and I saw some of them having real professional manners.

Do Thi Oanh

Selection Assistant , PNV Staff

What was the purpose of this visit for you? I came to visit and know more information about the PNC office, PNC students and PNC’s Alumni Association. I also came to travel in Cambodia.

What were the best moments? In my opinion, having dinner & speaking with PNC’s students, as well as hearing the information about PNC were the best moment. Travelling around Phnom Penh with PNCAA, and to Siem Reap, were also very good moments.

What were your impressions of PNC’s center and students? All people (staff and students) in PNC are friendly, PNC office is bigger and all the drawings are beautiful. PNC students are really confident. I wish PNV students were as confident as PNC students when they speak English with other people.

Le Thi Thuy Trang

Alumni, PNV 2012

What was the purpose of this visit for you? I came to visit, to exchange, to learn, to maintain and develop the relationship between students and alumni from Vietnam and Cambodia.

What were the best moments? For me, every moment in Cambodia was great and unforgettable. The most memorable moment was when we spent time with the students at their place.

What were your impressions of PNC’s center and students? PNC’s center is bigger and more beautiful, more convenient than PNV’s. The spaces for working, studying, relaxing, are all amazing. Almost all the students can speak English confidently, they are so friendly and open. PNV Students –including myself–, need to learn a lot of things from them.

Do Thi Luyen

Alumni, PNV 2014

What was the purpose of this visit for you? Visiting, exchanging, learning, maintaining and developing the relationship between students, alumni of Vietnam and Cambodia, finding new ways to development PNVA and PNV.

What were the best moments? Every moments. I really have a new experience from my friends on the trip, PNC’s students, PNCAA, PNC’s staff and anything about your country!

What were your impressions of PNC’s center and students? I was impressed by PNC’s staff’s presentation about the center. It’s the best way to introduce PN’s mission and project to everyone.

Huynh Van Nhan

Alumni, PNV 2013

In the future, we hope that our alumni will go on building bridges between them and we hope to see you soon for more “news from the field”!