A new Lab opening soon in Cambodia! Full of advanced IT equipment, it will enable students to use brand new technologies with a learn-by-doing methodology. 

The two-year Project sponsored by ANZ Royal Bank is progressing well. We envision this project to be completed and officially launched by the end of November 2018.

It involves the transformation of two classrooms into a big one where diverse learning experiences can occur, such as conferences, regular courses or workshops. It will be an interactive classroom facilitating team work and exchanges. To make this project feasible, practical and flexible furniture as well as modern IT material were needed.

Fabrice Filachet, Education & Social Mission Manager explains why PNC decided to reconsider its learning space: “If PNC aspires to improve its pedagogical practice, 3 key aspects have to be revamped: Programs, learning time and space.”
Therefore, we implemented an improved program called oPenh. It aims to emphasize various personal skills such as autonomy, ability to co-operate with peers, creativity and critical thinking. Learning time has also been maximized by separating the school year in 4 modules instead of quarters. Time had come to focus on improving learning spaces.

Mr Filachet came up with this idea after having attended an IT course given by Benoit Pitet, WEP Coordinator. “He couldn’t move freely between the students’ tables to assist them. He wasn’t able to write everything he wanted on the board, due to a lack of space. That’s when I realized that PNC teachers were not given the right tools and environment to make their course interactive and understandable by all,” he said.

It will also enable different activities to happen at the same time. As far as possible, the space will be divided in 4 different units: Equipped with a 3D printer, one will be used for design & creation, another one for conferences or projections on a smartboard, a third will facilitate collective brainstorming thanks to high table boards, and a 4th unit will possibly be used as a “resting corner”, with low tables and footstools.

Leaning Lab PNC: Room separation

Transformations started in December 2016 when external workers came to break down the wall separating the two classrooms.

Then, on the 5th of February, ANZ staff came to PNC to design decorations on the walls together with the students.  By the end of May, the paintings were finished.

In early June, 25 customized desks and a smartboard were delivered to the center. By the end of this year, we expect to receive lego mind storms and a 3D printer.

For all of this we must thank our sponsor ANZ Royal. Our loyal partner also contributed to train our staff to help develop our students’ money management skills through the MoneyMinded training.