It’s PNV version 2.0! New training partner, new center, new dormitory: it’s all about novelty, showing our flexibility and capacity to adapt to the new context’s requirements. Join us in this new adventure!

New training partner

Due to changes in the Vietnamese educational system on vocational training causing   our former training partner, Danang College of Technology, to upgrade to university level, PNV has decided to change its training partner starting from the new class of 2017-2020. The new partner is Danang Vocational Training College (DVTC), which has been recently selected as one of 45 national high-quality vocational training centers by the Vietnamese government. This important decision has brought us many opportunities and challenges.

Fantastic new training center

In early August, PNV moved to a new office, within DVTC’s campus. The office is located close to the beach with more spacious working and learning areas; those changes really make our staff and students excited. Many ideas for arranging and decorating the new training center were raised and being implemented. For the past two months, during every PNV team meeting, PNV version 2.0 was always the hot topic!

However, the whole moving process required us to invest time, high concentration and strong will to deal with administration procedures and to negotiate to find the best solutions. Besides, setting up the new training center asked great efforts of staff and students as well as support from our new partner. Everyone worked enthusiastically every day to meet the agreed deadline and ensure that everything is ready to welcome the new class on time.

New accommodations for students

As a result of this change, the new dormitory, just ten minutes away from the training center, was selected thanks to DVTC’s recommendation. Surely students will enjoy more outdoor activities with fresh air at the sport yard of the dorm as well as on the beach.

“We have many plans for the new dorm and cannot wait to implement them.” Marie Ghyselinck, our Education and Selection manager, said.

We still do have many things to adjust and handle, but the PNV team strongly believe that together we can create a better environment for all staff to enjoy their daily work and bring a better life for our current students as well as newcomers.