Summer is one of the best seasons for Passerelles numériques Philippines’ students. It is not about the beach nor the sun. It is about the various innovative summer classes we organize for them.

Summer 2017 was a dynamic period for our students. This year, we conducted six different subjects for our summer training.

During two months, April and May, our students enjoyed their summer by learning various technical knowledge and skills through our classes on 3D Design, 3D Printing, Sonic Pi, Linux, Lego Mindstorm, and Raspberry Pi.

Students during one of their 3D Design classes
In the 3D Design summer class, the students were trained on how to create 3D designs using the SketchUp software.
On the other hand, the 3D Printing class was made possible through our Ultimaker 2+ 3D Printer. The students worked on three 3D projects for this class: Rubik’s Cube, Game of the Generals, and own object.
Two of our students waiting for their 3D printing output
John Lloyd of Class 2019 working on his Sonic Pi composition
The Sonic Pi class was conducted using the Sonic Pi software, an open-source programming system to create sounds with codes in a live coding environment. As an output, the students organized a mini class concert where they showcased their own song compositions and covers out of codes. With this, the class was able to create the first ever PN Philippines music album!
Another summer class was the Lego Camp which used the Lego Mindstorms EV3. In this class, the students developed a Lego duel game and created mechanisms for launching spheres. They also used the EV3 Writer, allowing Lego robots to write alphanumeric characters on a surface. Finally, they used the EV3 Hill Climber, allowing the robots to climb inclined surfaces.
Students during one of their Lego class tournaments

The Linux class was also a success. Linux is a computer operating system. In this class, the students learned a lot of things: 1) Installation of different Linux distributions, 2) Basic command lines and connection to other devices, and 3) Remote administration to other devices using SSH protocol.

The Raspberry Pi class was designed to introduce the students to the Raspberry Pi technology, a series of small single-board computers designed to teach basic computer science to students. The class is in preparation for the students’ upcoming Software Development Project-Based Learning subject.

All six summer classes were very technically demanding; nevertheless, that is what makes them impressive.

The topics we covered for this year’s summer classes were more practical. It was challenging for the students but they were excited to learn about the different technologies. It feels great to know that they really enjoyed exploring these tools and to see them very eager in learning more” Jun Rey Ansing (PNP Innovative Technology Trainer), said.

Our summer training was made possible by our hardworking trainers: Jun Rey Ansing (PNP Innovative Technology Trainer), Arthur Aubree (former PNP Training Officer/Civic Service volunteer, now PN Vietnam IT and Training Manager), Meriem Chaabani (Accenture France volunteer), Jesus Bacalso (Internet of Things volunteer), as well as our student-volunteers from University of San Carlos’ Datalogics Society and Computer Driven Enthusiasts. Through their efforts, our summer classes have been successful.

We are glad that we were able to provide our students with these unique ways of training. We believe this is one of the key factors in producing quality, technically-competent graduates. Thus, we will continuously seek ways to maintain and improve the quality of training we provide to our students.

We would like to extend our gratitude to our generous donors who sponsored  some of the training tools we used during the Summer Class 2017:

Accenture Philippines for the Lego Robots
Crédit Agricole CIB for the 3D Printer

Fondation d’entreprise Air Liquide
for the Raspberry Pi