The Solidarity Act program was created by PN to allow its Alumni to give back to their school after having the chance to benefit from a full scholarship during 2 years.

What is the Solidarity Act?

Three months after finishing PNC and once students have found a qualified job, they are invited to contribute to the scholarships of the next generations of students by paying back a small amount of money to PNC each month: $5 per month the 1st year, $10 per month the 2nd year and $15 per month the 3rd year for a total of $360.

PNC uses the money from the Solidarity Act to pay part of the tuition fees of current and future students. Alumni’s contribution enables PNC to fulfill its mission of providing education to underprivileged youths in Cambodia.

It’s also a way for the students to pursue and reinforce one of PN value: SOLIDARITY,  by taking an action to support future generations.


I joined Solidarity Act because I know that I could study at PNC, because senior students did this action too.

Rong Saray

PNC Alumni SNA 2015

Our underprivileged beneficiaries become our proud donors

In this testimonial, John Munger (PNC General Manager) thanks Naisim SIN (PNC Alumni WEP2014). She is one of the 15 alumni who has completed the Solidarity Act.

I remember when you were a student here at PNC and I volunteered and taught you some English courses. You had your internship at K4 Media. Now you are a Creative Designer at Kredit in Battambang! What a journey you have taken! 

It means a lot to all of us at PNC that you have completed the Solidarity Act in full. You have demonstrated that you care a lot about students just like yourself three-five years ago. You are a great example for our current students and your fellow alumni. We just welcomed our new Class of 2019 and I assure you they are supported thanks to your help. We look forward to having you join our Solidarity Act Wall of Fame. With your action, PNC staff and students will continue to be motivated to do our work each day and for our students to do their best to study hard each and every day. On behalf of PNC, I would like to give a BIG THANK YOU for your support!

John Munger

PNC General Manager

Solidarity Act Impact (from 2011 to 2017)

On going figures
  • 353 students had participated in Solidarity Act
  • Total Fundraised = $21,379.31
Completion figures
  •  15 students have completed the Solidarity Act
  • Total Amount = $5,400

1 full contribution = 1,5 months of a student scholarship

A new communication strategy

In 2016, the Solidarity Act has benefited from a new communication strategy. For example, the new leaflet shows Alumni faces, which aims to illustrate one of the most important PN value: Solidarity. Beside this, the Solidarity Act Wall of Fame is now at PNC to celebrate those who have fully completed the Solidarity Act.

Wall of fame, Chan Sreyneang, PNC Alumni WEP 2011

Since the creation of PN Cambodia Alumni Association (PNCAA), Alumni also ensure a strong communication through Facebook and emailing to motivate PNC Alumni to participate.

We are a huge network and are willing to help, coordinate, collaborate and promote our main three values – TRUST, RESPONSIBILITY and SOLIDARITY. We are here for you.

Man Math

PNC Alumni WEP 2012