Class 2018 during their Integration Days in 2015

47 third-year students in the Philippines are busy working on their final year in preparation for their most anticipated event: Graduation.

This year, Passerelles numériques Philippines’ Class 2018 are in their most crucial period as PN scholars : the third and final year. The final year is crucial as it is the final phase of their entire journey in PN; they have  two major steps: on-the-job training or internship and research project or thesis. That relatively defines how effective and efficient they have been for the past years as PN scholars.

On-the-job Training

On-the-job training (OJT) is an integral part of our training curriculum. For 10 months, we send our students to the professional working field to do internship in our partner IT companies. Currently, we have 11 local and international partner companies having interns from Class 2018.

My daily routine is different now that I’m doing my OJT. I need to do more things at the same time, I also learned more things. In a nutshell, I have learned how to be more independent. On the other hand, the best thing about my OJT is the experience of working in the IT industry; this prepares me for the job market someday.

Cherry Rose Taoc

PN Philippines Class 2018, Test Engineering intern at Accenture Philippines


Thesis is a common part of education in the Philippines: students have to summarize what they have learned through the years by stitching everything into one comprehensive research project.

Divided into twelve groups, Class 2018 is currently developing various innovative IT research projects: they will be presenting their final output in March.

The students’ research topics are: “IT Request Generating System”, “Lear Workflow System (LWS)”, “Philippine Engineering Technology Center Inventory System”, “Flash Capture: A Photo Management System”, “Electronic Records Management and Billing System for Bridges of Hope Rehabilitation Center”, “Icomm International Asset Tag Tracking, Monitoring, and Inventory (TMI) System”, “Aboitiz Equity Ventures, Inc. Documents Inventory System”, “Men’s University Cebu – Organizational Communication and Project Management Platform”, “Online Bus Reservation”, “School Bus Tracker: A Mobile App for University of San Carlos’ School Bus”, “Seeing Eye: A System Designed for the Visually Impaired Person”, and “Data Center Paperless System”.

Personal Development

Apart from the two major steps presented above, another highlight of our third year students’ life is their personal development. As part of our holistic training, we let our students stay in their boarding houses on their final year.

The boarding house stage gives our students more autonomy. It is a significant stage since it serves as the continuation and application of what they learned in the the previous years: time management, priority settings, responsibility, capacity to carry out several tasks, sense of initiative, financial management, solidarity, etc. On the other hand, the Education team is still very involved in their daily life to support and monitor them until they finally graduate.

Olympe Langelot

PN Philippines Education Manager

A few months from now, our third year students will soon be leaving the doors of PN as students. They will soon walk the graduation aisle with their families watching them in great pride.

I can’t wait to bring my whole family here in Cebu and show them what I have been doing for the past years. Graduating in April will be a major key for me to get a job and help my family. I have learned a lot and I can’t wait to go out to the ‘real’ world, live my own life, and do things that I love.

JesseLito Jadulco

PN Philippines Class 2018 , CIO InfoSec Application Support intern at Accenture Philippines

Class 2018 after the culmination of one of their OJT preparatory trainings last Summer