About us

Financial information

Since 2006, Passerelles numériques is officially recognized as a charity by the French Government. Thus, it is exempt from business taxes. Grants received are eligible for tax deductions in France (for French tax residents).

The annual accounts are audited and certified by:
Cabinet Ajilec – member of Compagnie Régionale d’Orléans
10 rue Dora Maar, 37100 Tours, France
Tel: +33 2 47 39 68 24
Email: contact@expertcomptable-ajilec.com
RCS TOURS B 450 403 704


Distribution of our resources

We use 81% of our resources for our social mission in Cambodia, the Philippines and Vietnam.

Fundraising and overhead costs account for 19% of our expenses:

  • Part of the wages and fees of the Paris team, dedicated to fundraising, communication and finance
  • Fundraising event organization costs, communication supports
  • Chartered accountant and payroll processing fees
  • Other expenses (office supplies, insurance, phone, plane tickets…).







  • Fundraising costs 14%
  • Overhead costs 5%
PNP staff working at the center.
Thaina Seang, PNC selection manager.
PNV staff working together in the center.

Origins of our resources

  • From France: Individual foundations 27%
  • From France: Corporate sponsorships 22%
  • From France: Individual sponsorships and donations 4%
  • From France: Other (incl. Gala Dinner, special events, etc.) 14%
  • From Hong Kong and Singapore 14%
  • From the Philippines 10%
  • From Cambodia 8%
  • From Vietnam 1%