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PN Vietnam – JPMorgan Entrepreneurship week

During the last week of September (25th to 29th), Passerelles numériques Vietnam was very happy to welcome five volunteers from different branches of JPMorgan for an entrepreneurship workshop. The aim of that workshop was for the students to design their own business... read more

MIT SOLVE challenge boosts PN’s visibility globally

During September, PN pitched its innovative “Play4Gateway” project in front of a distinguished, international jury at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) SOLVE event in New York City. Here is what PN gained from that unique opportunity.... read more

The French Ambassadors are visiting our centers

In October, in Vietnam and Cambodia, we were honored to receive the French Ambassadors in our centers: a great recognition of our work but also an opportunity to meet our teams and our students. On October 9, PN Vietnam team welcomed Mr Bertrand Lortholary, French... read more

PN Vietnam: What’s hot this summer?

It’s PNV version 2.0! New training partner, new center, new dormitory: it’s all about novelty, showing our flexibility and capacity to adapt to the new context’s requirements. Join us in this new adventure! New training partner Due to changes in the Vietnamese... read more

Meet Kurt McClung, a storyteller

Kurt McClung is a storyteller. A specialist in ‘narrative design’, he worked at Ubisoft with Aude de Rotalier, one of our board members at PN Singapore. He now helps us at Passerelles numériques to focus how we speak about our organization and our worldview. Here he... read more

It is time for Innovative Summer Classes!

Summer is one of the best seasons for Passerelles numériques Philippines’ students. It is not about the beach nor the sun. It is about the various innovative summer classes we organize for them. Summer 2017 was a dynamic period for our students. This year, we... read more

Cultural Gateways: Alumni from Vietnam visiting Cambodia!

During the spring, some alumni & staff of PN Vietnam came to visit Cambodia. This was the occasion for them to visit the PN center in Cambodia, to meet their counterparts but also to discover Khmer culture. Here are their different perspectives on this trip.... read more

PN Philippines alumni’s career paths reach a global level

PN Philippines takes pride in its alumni whose career path has reached an international level. Here are stories of our alumni who have gone overseas for various professional endeavors. As a key indicator of Passerelles numériques’ performance, the success of our... read more

A promising new partnership with Microsoft

We are grateful to count Microsoft as a partner since early 2017. They are sponsoring many aspects of our program such as the Selection Process and the Training in our three operating countries. We met Daiana Beitler – Regional Director for Microsoft Philanthropies in... read more

Do you know what SA means in PN language?

System Administration, Software Architecture, Source-Active. But not only that! In PN language, this acronym also stand for Student Association. What’s that? What is the aim? What are the different organizations and achievements in each country? Allow us to introduce... read more

PN Cambodia – The Library Project: a new taste for reading!

In 2016, PNC’s team & students launched together a project to reorganize the whole library. Design, books, and a library management system were discussed and adapted to fit better with the student’s wishes & needs.   In the beginning of 2016, PNC’s library was... read more

PN Vietnam – A new training program

How has PN Vietnam adapted to companies’ requirements and feedback as well as the most recent changes in education policies in Vietnam? We interviewed PN Vietnam’s Training manager to find out more. In 2016, the Vietnamese government changed some education policies to... read more

Interview with Patrick Masson

Patrick Masson has been providing professional and personal support to Passerelles numériques for some years now. He is a passionate photographer and when we told him that we wanted to have a thorough photo report to illustrate PN’s impact on the students and their... read more

Move your body with PN Vietnam

A wide range of new extracurricular activities allows our students to release stress, have fun and burn energy for a healthy lifestyle!  As part of our holistic educative approach, Passerelles numériques (PN) Vietnam has decided to develop more sports and outdoors... read more

1st steps, 1st job!

Ponleu Leat, from Cambodia, Rose Mar L. Magalay, from the Philippines, and Vo Ma Dien, from Vietnam, graduated in 2016. They told us all about their 1st  steps in the professional world. Ponleu LEAT Graduated in 2016 from PN Cambodia (WEP - Web Programming) “After I... read more

Meet our amazing volunteers!

The history of Passerelles numériques, over the last 11 years, was built thanks to the help of hundreds of volunteers supporting our operations. Many have volunteered during months, several stayed for two weeks; some even come back! Others came once a week, but during... read more

Interview with Hélène & Simon, volunteers for PN

Hélène Gagaille and Simon Manning are two of the amazing volunteers who greatly contribute to PN’s activities each year (117 volunteers in 2015!). They led Passerelles numériques’ new website project with success. Crossed interview with our 2 favorite digital nomads!... read more

Integration Days, a key step

Every year, in September and October, three new sets of students arrive, one in each Passerelles numériques centre. Known as the Integration Days or the Welcoming Days, this very important moment concerns not only the new students, but also the entire PN teams! Thus,... read more

PN Vietnam – PYCO Group, a new promising collaboration!

This year, Passerelles numériques (PN) Vietnam is glad to extend its presence to Ho Chi Minh City by starting a new adventure with PYCO Group, a key digital consulting and software development agency whose dedicated consultants and developers deliver result-driven... read more

PN Cambodia – Virtual Company, the final project!

The Virtual Company project, which puts an end to the second year students’ training at PNC, is dreaded by the students but also constitutes a real challenge, making them apply all of their skills and learn new ones! This four-week project gave the students the... read more

Measuring our social impact

In accordance with the stated aims of the Board of Directors over the past few years, and their commitment to strategic planning, Passerelles numériques (PN) has set up a series of processes to measure precisely our impact in Cambodia, the Philippines and in Vietnam.... read more

An encouraging collaboration with Salesforce

Salesforce is a software company specializing in customer relationship management (CRM) and precursor of Cloud Computing. Since 2010, Passerelles numériques is fortunate to benefit from 10 free licenses of its tool, with a customized version for non-profit... read more

PN Cambodia turning green

February’s monthly theme was about environmental consciousness at PN Cambodia. An opportunity for the students to take the challenge and lead their school to be greener and more eco-friendly. What a month! For the first time at Passerelles numériques Cambodia,... read more

PN Philippines – Talks at PN, a new way to share IT ideas

Talks at PN enables various ideas to meet in order to have a high creative impact among the students, staff and alumni. Thus, as side-effects they become “PNspired, PNgaged & PNthusiastic” with their respective personal mission and ambition. This once-a-month... read more

Promoting gender equality

PN receives support for its female students in Cambodia. A nice recognition of its action towards girl’s access to education and employment. Promoting gender equality and women’s independence is the third millennium development goal for the years following 2015.... read more

It’s Graduation time in Cambodia and the Philippines!

February and April were important months for PN in Cambodia and the Philippines. Families, friends, partners, students, alumni and PN staff gathered to celebrate the graduation of 169 students! Passerelles numériques Cambodia On February 6th, the 9th graduation... read more

PN Vietnam – Play & learn in the new Lounge

2016 started with the aim of bringing a playful learning place with dynamic and innovative activities for students. Passerelles numériques Vietnam (PNV) therefore decided to restructure its current library. The project was carefully planned and closely followed by the... read more

PN Vietnam – LogiGear and the first LCTP class

Since 2013, LogiGear has been supporting PN Vietnam in many ways; and a step further in 2015 as PNV students will now benefit from LCTP, the LogiGear Certified Testing Program. The year 2015 was a turning point in the partnership between Passerelles numériques Vietnam... read more

PN Cambodia – Launch of the student association

 The first student association is a new venture which will allow students to develop extra curricular activities and to participate in a project giving them responsibility and bringing them together. The end of 2015 at Passerelles numériques Cambodia (PNC) was marked... read more

PN Philippines – Goodbye Hélène!

 After six years of highly dedicated work, it is time for Hélène Huard, PN Philippines’ previous General Manager to leave Cebu. While packing, she gave us some of her time… Hello Hélène, after 6 years working at Passerelles numériques (PN) Philippines, you are... read more

A generous and festive year-end 2015

The end of year 2015 has been marked by two successful charity events organized to raise funds and celebrate the 10 years of Passerelles numériques. In Hong Kong On November 2nd, the PN Hong Kong team of volunteers arranged a very successful charity event. 150... read more

PN Philippines – A new class, a new training

After 10 months of an intensive and rigorous selection process, Passerelles numériques Philippines Class 2018 have finally been chosen. The 49 deserving students have been selected among the 9000 youth from all over the Visayas who have undergone the selection... read more

PN Cambodia – Street art in my school

In the framework of its holistic approach to education, Passerelles numériques Cambodia (PNC)’s education team and the communication department decided to suggest  several activities related to street art to students during the whole month of August. This event... read more

A nice party for PN’s 10-year anniversary

2015 marks Passerelles numériques’ 10 years of actions and fulfillment. In order to celebrate this anniversary, to gather and thank all the ones who made this adventure possible, a party was organized in Paris, on September 21, with the great support of... read more

Partnership with HSBC Vietnam, our 1st fundraising success!

Since 2014, PN Vietnam (PNV) started developing its local fundraising activities and HSBC Vietnam was one of the very first partners to support us on this path. At a global level, each year, HSBC supports educational projects to help young people achieve their... read more

Interview with Maud, a PN board member

Maud Lhuillier is a member of the Board of Directors (BD) of Passerelles numériques (PN). She has been a part of the PN adventure since the very beginning, since she was the first Accenture employee to go on a six-month PN mission in Cambodia in 2006. She went to Asia... read more

A new partnership with Children’s Hour

PN Philippines is forging a new partnership with Children’s Hour to fund the Quality Health Care program. The grant awarded to PNP will provide necessary assistance to all the students. Last June, PN Philippines was selected to be the recipient of a grant from... read more

Société Générale engages in PN Vietnam’s project

The Société Générale Foundation supports Passerelles numériques’ Vietnam projects and students all year long. This partnership, agreed in 2014, has just been renewed in April of 2015. Simultaneously, a beautiful relationship also emerged between Passerelles... read more

10 years already: our selection process through the years

The Philippines is comprised of more than 7,000 islands. Since the local launch of the program in 2009, this specificity makes the selection process at PN Philippines really special. Before a student becomes officially part of the PN family, he or she must undergo an... read more

Accenture: A Founding and Long-Lasting Partnership

This is a beautiful story about our decade long partnership with Accenture – a global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company. Take a look back at 10 years of a multi-faceted partnership. As Alain Goyé and Hakara Tea told us in our previous... read more