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Launched in 2010 in Danang, Passerelles numériques Vietnam (PNV) offers an IT training programs in Software Development & Testing, based on a holistic educative approach including technical and soft skills, and a personal development program.


Before initiating the program, Passerelles numériques conducted a thorough study on socio-economic status of Vietnam. Demographic data revealed that the vast majority of population in remote areas and the Central Highlands suffered from stagnant economy and limited access to higher education.

Danang was considered as a promising hub for IT development with strong support and incentives granted by the Government. Therefore, our graduates would have various job opportunities as well as employment security after graduating.

Key Dates

  • 2017: Start a new partnership with Danang Vocational Training College. Our students are trained during three years and receive a College degree.
  • 2016: Launch of the new training with the Danang College of Technology
  • 2015: PN Vietnam celebrates its five years’ anniversary.
  • 2014: PN Vietnam is operating completely independently for all its activities.
  • 2013: Decision to propose 2 majors: Software Development (DeV) and Web Development & Testing (WeB). WeB replaces System and Network Administration (SNA).
  • 2012: 1st graduation of 27 students.
  • 2010: Launch of PN’s 3rd program in Danang with 30 students.
PNV students training in a classroom.


Since 2010, 258 students graduated from PN Vietnam. In 2017, 98% of them found a qualified job with an average salary after graduation of 259 USD per month about twice as high as the regional minimum salary.

Once they have found a job, our graduates support financially their family and their community.



Each year, from January to August, Passerelles numériques Vietnam’s selection team covers seven provinces in Central Vietnam: Quảng Bình, Quảng Trị, Đà Nẵng, Quảng Nam, Quảng Ngãi, Kon Tum, Bình Định, and goes through a rigorous four step process to select talented and motivated underprivileged youths.

PN Vietnam collaborates with Study Promotion Associations (SPA) of each involved province to run the selection process. SPA are introducing us to high schools and facilitating the selection in their province.

A special effort is made to include at least 50% of young women, and beyond that, priority is given to the poorest boys or girls.

PNV group of students in a classroom clapping and smiling.

Training and education program

Currently, Passerelles numériques Vietnam is working with Danang Vocation Training College to collaborate in the curriculum design and share the training delivery. At the end of the training, graduating students receive a College degree, recognized by the Vietnamese Ministry of Labor Invalids and Social Affairs and a Passerelles numériques certificate.

With a higher level of education and more experience in a real working environment, the objective is to enable students and future IT experts, to improve their hard and soft skills even more. The College degree will also allow them to obtain stable, qualified and well-respected jobs, a step further to end the cycle of poverty for themselves as well as their families.

A solid technical and practical 3-year training in Software Development & Testing

  • Focus on Java development on up-to-date platforms (web, mobility) and PHP development via practice and projects implementation.
  • Learning based on practice and projects to build fundamental technical skills.
  • Students follow professional certified training for carrying out tests.

A last promotion of students studying “Web Development & Testing / Software Development” will graduate in October 2017.

A general training in professional skills

Passerelles numériques Vietnam also provides an intense additional curriculum to enhance graduates’ employability. Designed to match local company needs, it focuses on IT practice, via practical projects, English language, professional and soft skills (logical thinking, autonomy, initiative, etc.).

The full curricula include:

  • 50% IT theory & practice
  • 25% English
  • 25% Soft skills
  • Two internships

Students have the opportunity to put into practice their skills during two internship periods:

  • Second year: 2 months to discover a working environment
  • Third year: 5 months to put into practice their IT skills and soft skills

Social and educational development

To prepare these young people to become mature and independent adults, we developed a personal development curriculum which revolves around PN’s values: Trust, Responsibility, Solidarity, Respect, and a Demanding approach.

As part of this program, students live together in dormitories, located near PN Vietnam, where they learn how to become autonomous and responsible adults. They are in charge of managing a budget with which they buy food, pay for the water and electricity bills, organize cleaning and cooking shifts, solve group issues and take care of each other.

In order for our students to focus on their intense studies, PNV covers their needs and expenses including:

  • Training expenses: University tuition fees, extra classes, technical equipment, etc.
  • Living expenses: accommodation in dormitories, furniture and equipment, food, transportation (student receive a bicycle and a helmet each), medical care and health insurance etc.
PNV student in classroom standing and responding to trainer.
PNV students in training working in a group.
PNV student working on a computer with a headset on.

Our alumni

Since 2010, 258 young people graduated from Passerelles numériques Vietnam and joined the alumni association.

Founded in 2012, PNV Alumni Association is really active since fall 2014. Members take part in many activities such as welcoming and guiding new students, supporting the Graduation Ceremony, attending the Career Orientation Session, holding football contest with PN Vietnam current students, attending the Year-end party, etc.

PNV Alumni Association also closely supports the External Relations department in the guidance to employment program (internship and job search).



I was immediately seduced by PN’s different approach of development. Whereas many NGOs focus on primary or even secondary Education, PN chose to enable young students to pursue higher Education and build up their employability within growing sector, the information and communication technologies. And instead of providing superficial support to a large number of beneficiaries, PN does a real deep and meaningful work with a carefully selected number of motivated students.


PNV Education and Selection Manager

I am very happy to say that I am a student of PNV. Here, I learned many useful things. Three years are not too long or too short to develop yourself. I believe that I will do everything and I will actively study well so my dream will become a reality. There is saying that is: “When the sun is shining I can do anything, no mountain is too high, no trouble is too difficult to overcome.”


PNV student, class 2019

Although it was only two years of living and studying at PNV, I learned a lot, from precious life values to specialized skills which now play an important role in my current life and job. For me, PNV is not only an unforgettable experience but also a home to return.

Luyen DO THI

PNV alumni, class 2014, Software Developer, TPP-FIT Co. Ltd Danang Branch

Main partners supporting PN Vietnam

PN Vietnam values partnering in sharing knowledge and strength to give the best to our students. Partnerships are either financial through grants and in-kind donations, human with skills sponsorship programs, or pedagogical.
Axon Active
Da Nang College of Technology
Danang Vocational Training College
Fondation Amanjaya
Fondation Solidarité Société Générale
JP Morgan
Motorola Solutions Foundation

Other local partners

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