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400€ allows us to buy a computer to equip a computer lab

15€ covers the medical costs for one student in Vietnam during one year

100€ covers a student’s living costs during 3 months

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15€ per month covers the monthly lodging costs for one student in Vietnam

100€ per month provides monthly food of 6 students in the Philippines

75€ per month provides monthly English courses for 5 students in Cambodia

I remember that after I left high school, I had no money and didn’t know what to do, so I felt very luck to join PNC. Today, I’m proud to say I am an engineer and manage 3 people, in one of the most luxurious places in Phnom Penh. With this job, I feel like I have joined some sort of elite. I think I can say I have accomplished 70% of my dreams! The 30% left will be dedicated to helping the poor and numerous students in rural areas.

Channa Roeurm

PNC alumni, class 2008, Engineer, Vattanac Properties Limited

There was a huge change in my life after PN. I realized that I am capable of doing something bigger! That my dreams before weren’t just dreams… My family is my first source of motivation. I wanted to study, to get a good job and help them. And now, I am proud to see them in a situation way better than before. Proud to help my brother finish his education. Proud to help my family slowly build a new and stronger house.

Leia Anjelica A. Mantilla

PNP alumni class 2014, Sales and Customer Advocate and Quality Assurance Specialist, Clicklabs Ventures

Before joining PNV, all of my relatives disapproved my wish to come here to study as they thought IT was not suitable for a girl. But my mother advised me to go and study at PNV. Before I left, she asked me to try to study hard which I did! My mother is my everyday inspiration and motivation.

Hoang Thi Hoa Dao

PNV alumni, class 2015, Quality Control Officer, DiCentral