Our actions in Cambodia

Passerelles numériques Cambodia was the first project to be launched in 2005, in Phnom Penh. PNC offers two IT training programs in System and Network Administration (SNA) and Web Programming (WEP), based on a holistic educative approach including technical and soft skills, and a personal development program.


In Cambodia, a society still traumatized by a long lasting civil war and the Khmer Rouge tragedy, 41% of the active population survives with less than $2 USD a day. As a consequence, many young Cambodians must drop their studies, move to neighboring countries, and end up working in very difficult conditions to send some money home. 80% of the population lives in rural areas and 50% is under 25. Most of secondary education is provided on a fee-paying basis, and is therefore inaccessible to most students, especially in rural areas.

Key dates

  • 2016: PNC launches the ‘Openh’ Project, a vast program to update the curriculum of the 2-year training.
  • 2015: Passerelles numériques Cambodia celebrates its 10 year anniversary.
  • 2014: PN Cambodia’s 1st Career Forum.
  • 2011: PNC runs at its maximum capacity: 100 students join the 2-year program every year.
  • 2009: Launch of a new major: Web Programming. PNC also starts collaborating with Digital Divide Data and provides an additional 6-month program (partnership ended in 2014).
  • 2007: Inauguration of PNC building and first graduation ceremony of 20 students (SNA major).
  • 2005: Launch of Passerelles numériques’ first program in Phnom Penh, with 25 students.
Group photo of the PNC student Newspaper Club.


Since 2005, 1,389 students graduated from PNC (472 from the DMO 6-month training and 917 from the 2-year training program). 90% of the 2-year training students find a job within two months after graduating and 100% within three months; they earn an average monthly salary of 227 USD (promotion 2017, two months after graduating), about twice as high as the national minimum salary.

Once they have found a job, all our graduates support their family and their community. On average, our alumni give back 32% of their salary to their families.



Each year, from February to September, Passerelles numériques’ selection team covers 10 to 24 provinces all over the country and goes through a rigorous 4-step process to select talented and motivated underprivileged youths.

Passerelles numériques successfully collaborates with local high schools and partner NGOs in pre-selecting students, relying on their unique awareness of the economic situation of each student.

A special effort is made to include at least 50% of young women, and beyond that, priority is given to the poorest boys or girls.

PNC student in lab room practicing on a computer.

Training and education program

At the end of the 2-year training, graduating students receive a PNC certificate and an Associate’s Degree diploma (for the ones who passed the state exam), recognized by the MoEYS. Graduates also have the possibility to carry on studying in year three at University, if they pass the state exam.

We make a continuous effort to improve the quality of our training, adjust it to the needs of a fast changing market and assure our students are as competitive as their university graduate counterparts. Therefore, PN Cambodia launched the ‘Openh’ project in October 2016, a vast program to update the curriculum of our 2-year training answering two main objectives:

  • To make sure our students gain the soft and hard skills necessary to not only earn a job, but also to advance in their career and be able to self-learn. To do so, we started providing more interactive activities and a student-centered approach, allowing students to take ownership in the learning process.
  • To improve students English skills as this is a necessary prerequisite for furthering their career.

A solid technical and practical 2-year training

System & Network Administration (SNA)

  • Computer architecture & maintenance
  • Network administration & routing and switching discovery (based on CISCO 1, 2, 3, 4, a world recognized certification)
  • Operating systems (Microsoft, Linux, VMWare)
  • Server administration (Microsoft, Linux, VMWare)
  • Security, database administration and other courses

Web Programming (WEP)

  • Website and web app development (HTML/CSS, Javascript, PHP, CMS)
  • Web-design (photoshop, HTML 5, CSS3)
  • Programming (C-language, Java)
  • Mobile app development (Android)
  • Development process, SEO, usability principles, testing, JQuery and other courses

A general training in professional skills

Passerelles numériques Cambodia also provides an intense curriculum to enhance graduates’ employability. Designed to match local company needs, it focuses on IT practice – via practical projects, English language, professional and soft skills (logical thinking, autonomy, initiative, etc.).

Students have the opportunity to put into practice their IT and soft skills during a four months internship at the end of the training.

Social and educational development

To prepare these young people to become mature and independent adults, we developed a personal development curricula which revolves around PN’s values: Trust, Responsibility, Solidarity, Respect, and a Demanding approach.

Life skills are learned through specially designed modules to ensure personal growth of each student, based on a monthly educational topic (e.g. self-awareness, hygiene and security, communication, environmental consciousness, etc.). This program is supervised by a dedicated team with educators, a counselor, and a nurse.

In order for our students to focus on their intense studies, PNC covers their needs and expenses including:

  • Material support: student housing, equipment, financial support, medical care and health insurance
  • Moral and educational support: follow-up and counseling throughout their studies
  • A monthly allowance to cover food and other expenses
PNC student studying outside classroom.
PNC students in the canteen.
PNC students during aerobics.

Our alumni

Since 2005, 1,389 young people graduated from Passerelles numériques Cambodia and over 640 of them are active members of the alumni association.

Founded in 2008, PNC Alumni Association organises many activities such as professional workshops, an annual football contest, party, charity trip, etc. They support financially some of PNC’s activities such as the Graduation Ceremony.

PNC Alumni Association also closely supports the External Relations department in the guidance to employment program (internship and job search, training courses for students and leadership skills, entrepreneurship, etc.).

Since 2012, PN Cambodia alumni joined the Solidarity Act program after graduating and finding a job. Each month, they give back a small amount to PNC to contribute to the future generations of students.


I was very lucky to join Passerelles numériques’ Training Program. Studying is very demanding but it’s a great chance for underprivileged young people, especially as Cambodia’s job market gets wider and needs people with IT skills to help boost its operation. Without PNC, I wouldn’t be sitting in my office and wouldn’t be able to support financially my aging parents, my sister’s studies and myself.

Eysoung MEAN

PNC alumni, class 2007, Information Resource Assistant and Office Technology Coordinator, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

I recently looked back over my experience as a trainer at PNC and I actually told myself that it has been very satisfying and enriching so far! I really like teaching and I can say that I have  improved since I started. This is all thanks to the students! While sharing my knowledge, I also learn so much! The students are never afraid to give me feedback on the courses I give. This is where my ability to adapt to their level and needs comes from!

Pisey NAP

SNA trainer at PNC

PNC has become my new home. I feel like we are just one big family. I am being taking care of by good people such as teachers and classmates. PNC has helped me realize that I can be a leader.


PNC student, class 2019

Main partners supporting PN Cambodia

Passerelles numériques Cambodia has built through the years a large network of partners who contribute to our success. A large number of companies have subscribed to our innovative model of shared skills sponsorship. Support can be provided through financial or material donations, training, selection, etc.

ANZ Royal
Enfants d’Asie
Enfants du Mékong
Fondation Amanjaya
Fondation de France
Fondation Raja-Danièle Marcovici
Henri Lachmann Foundation
Pour un Sourire d’Enfant
Thalès Asia

Other local partners

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