Our actions in the Philippines

Launched in 2009 in Cebu, Passerelles numériques Philippines (PNP) offers an IT training program based on a holistic educative approach including technical and soft skills, and a personal development program.


Despite the recent strong economic growth (+5.8%), the Philippines experience a high youth unemployment and a rise in the poverty rate. 25% of young people are neither working nor in training, the revenue gap between the richest and the poorest is one of the world’s largest and 30% of the population live with less than 3 USD per day.

In the central Visayas region where PN operates, natural calamities occur frequently and contribute to retaining the poorest in a constantly precarious economic state.

For young people (34% of the population is under 15), the wish to continue studying is very strong, but the cost and the lack of professional training programs is making it a hindrance for underprivileged students to pursue higher education, keeping this dream out of reach.

Fast-growing industries such as IT offer great opportunities for those who can benefit such programs.

Passerelles numériques Philippines Foundation officially received the accreditation from the Philippines Council for NGO Certification for 3 years on April 27th, 2017.

This is an important milestone for us and for our partners. It marks the recognition of the good governance, management, and accountability, of our Foundation. It is also a mark of trust and an encouragement for our partners to continue and support us. They will now be able to support us financially while benefiting from tax deduction from their financial or in-kind donations.


  • April 27th, 2017: PN Philippines is accredited for 3 years by the PCNC (Philippines Council for NGO Certification)
  • Sept 24th, 2014: Our organisation is licensed by the DSWD (Department of Social Welfare and Development)
  • April 11th, 2013: Launch of PN Philippines Foundation
  • PN Philippines is certified by the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission)
  • PN Philippines is registered at the BIR (Bureau of Internal Revenue)

Key Dates

  • 2015: Launch of an innovative new program with a pilot class (47 students).
  • 2014: PN Philippines celebrates its 5-year anniversary.
  • 2013: PNP runs at its maximum capacity: 90 new students join the program.
  • 2012: First graduation of 24 students.
  • 2009: Launch of PN’s second program in Cebu with 24 students.
PNP students working on their lego robot.


Since 2009, 355 students graduated from PN Philippines. 100% of them found a job within two months after graduating, earning two to four times the minimum wage (an average of 280 USD per month for the 2017 promotion).

Once they have found a job, all our graduates support their family and their community. In average, our alumni send 25 to 30% of their salary to their families.



Each year, Passerelles numériques Philippines selection team goes through a rigorous 4-step process to select talented and motivated underprivileged youths in the poorest regions of the Visayas.

A special effort is made to include at least 50% of young women, and beyond that, priority is given to the poorest boys or girls.

PNP student training in computer room at USC.

Training and education program

Since 2009, Passerelles numériques Philippines has been partnering with the University of San Carlos (USC), Talamban. Focusing on employability, PNP’s training is constantly updated in order to match business needs; it aims at being practical, targeted and certified.

At the end of the 2.5-year training, graduating students receive a certificate in Computer Technology delivered by USC and a Passerelles numériques certificate.

In 2016, PNP has implemented a pilot class with a reviewed curriculum designed in partnership with the Department of Computer and Information Sciences of USC, and supported by partner companies such as Accenture, Icomm, House of IT, etc. The objective is to adapt our curriculum with more student-centered pedagogy, technology innovations, increased involvement of coaches and volunteers from partner companies, alumni mentoring and IT tutoring, while reinforcing relationship with the Computer and Information Sciences department at USC.

A solid technical and practical 2.5-year training

Passerelles numériques Philippines provides an intensive and comprehensive IT training to make students more competitive in the booming IT industry. Designed to match local company needs, it includes theoretical, practical and innovative training with modern equipment.

30 months training in IT

  • 8 weeks (240 hrs) of pre-training.
  • 3 semesters (1,278 hrs) of basic and advanced IT training.
  • 4 weeks (160 hrs) of IT specialization (Java development, Web development, Software testing, Systems administration).
  • 2 semesters (1,800 hrs) of On-the-Job Training (five days working in a company and two days studying at USC and PNP).

On-The-Job Training (OJT)

Students have the opportunity to put into practice their skills during a ten months internship in one of our partner companies. OJT is a hands-on job training allowing a faster progress as the students learn more through daily contact with professionals. They also gain more confidence and knowledge of their working environment.

A general training in professional skills

To maximise students employability, they also follow a Professional Life Training (PLT) additional curriculum. It aims at preparing them to better understand company environment, adopt professional behaviors and maximize students’ employability (high-level soft skills from communication, autonomy, teamwork, public speaking, to business writing).

Social and educational development

To prepare these young people to become mature and independent adults, we developed a personal development curricula which revolves around PN’s values: Trust, Responsibility, Solidarity, Respect, and a Demanding approach.

To reach this objectives we are supported by partner NGOs and a 24/7 dedicated team. Through center life activities, we provide:

  • Living cost
  • Medical support
  • Individual psychological support & counseling
  • Nutrition program
  • Awareness sessions (health, environment etc.)
  • Education based on PN’s values
  • Sport, outdoor activities
PNP student practicing guitare.
A group PNP students in front of USC.
PNP students in training at USC in computer room with a PN trainer explaining and pointing at the screen.

Our alumni

Since 2009, 355 young people graduated from Passerelles numériques Philippines and joined the alumni association.

Founded in 2012, PNP Alumni Association takes part in many activities such as networking & alumni meeting, educational activities (mentoring, sharing experience), environmental activities, recreational and sports activities, Solidarity Act program, etc.
PNP Alumni Association also supports the External Relations department in the guidance to employment program (internship and job search).


I was once like our students. I know how it feels to invest hard work, to dream and to reach the goal. Working in PN, is so inspiring and fulfilling for me. I can witness the scholar’s success and PN’s amazing contribution to their journey. Though, in my work I seldom deal with them directly but I want them to know that my heart is with them and I am always wishing and hoping for their success.

Jeanne SALVE

PNP Admin and Finance Manager

Life in PN was not easy. It took me one year and six months to realize how fruitful the training and the activities were. Now, everything is coming into place. My family is living in comfort and I have people who are with me every step of the way. Thank you so much to PN!


PNP alumni, class 2015, Sotfware Development Engineer , FPT Software Corp

Passerelles numériques taught me to not let the failures stop you on your way, make them your motivation to go forward.


PNP student, class 2018

Main partners supporting PN Philippines

PN Philippines values partnering and building win-win relations. Partnerships are either financial through grants and in-kind donations, or pedagogical and human when professionals are involved in the training of our students.

We have built through the years a large network of partners which contribute to our success and allow us to give the best to our students.

Air Liquide Foundation
Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Children’s Hour
Enfants d’Asie
Enfants du Mékong
Fondation Amanjaya
Motorola Solutions Foundation

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