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Originally born from an idea shared by the NGO, Enfants du Mékong and the international consulting company, Accenture, Passerelles numériques believes that the private sector can work hand in hand with the non-profit sector. Partnerships with companies is in Passerelles numériques’ DNA and we believe it is one of the keys to its success.

There are many ways you can become a partner with Passerelles numériques and we may tailor our partnership through different options.

Student and class sponsorship

Financial support of the scholarship costs, from the selection of the students, to the training delivery, educational follow-up, and guidance to employment.

Training and innovation support
  • Innovative IT material equipment (financial or in-kind donations).
  • Training delivery, certification, workshop facilitation, students’ coaching etc.
Skills sponsorship

Volunteering or pro-bono missions for your employees.

Professional integration support

  • Company visits
  • Internships – An integral part of PN’s training, as we believe they are a key element of vocational training. Through internships, students can practice their technical and soft skills in a professional environment and gain confidence. For the company, welcoming an intern is a great opportunity to:
    • Take active part in an important learning step for underprivileged students and reinforce your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy.
    • Share experience and benefit from specialized resources.
    • Build strong relations with students and Passerelles numériques to identify potential recruiting and/or collaboration opportunities.
  • Job offers

I have always been enthusiastic about the PN program. As a people, we Filipinos have always kept deep in our hearts, the desire to help others facing poverty and natural disasters. PN is about building a better life through education and skills training, and is opening doors for those who would otherwise be denied this opportunity. I am very proud of our work with Passerelles numériques.

Lito Tayag

Country Managing Director, Accenture Philippines

Whatever partnership we come up with, we will set together the fundamentals of it. In any case, we are also happy to help you build a proactive internal and external communication policy to promote our partnership and your CSR actions.


If you have any queries, don’t hesitate to send us a message using the contact form below, we’ll be happy to provide you with more information.

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PNC student standing in front of the truck donated by Econocom.
icomm employees PNP alumni.
PNP staff helping a student during practice.